Give yourself a chance to explore and express yourself!

It may not be that easy to leave of your comfort zone; in fact it may be quite daunting. On the other side though, experiencing and acquiring amazing things in the environment introduced to you is exciting and is desired.
Experiencing a new culture is truly a lodger to a whole new world; as you will be exposed to new languages, new smells, colors, new-fangled sights, sounds, and people never met before. 
Being hosted on a traditional Gulet, as a unique experience, will be an inspiring and delightful practice that you will be charmed. More importantly, while you are on the gulet, you will be learning new things about yourself.

Give yourself a chance to explore and express yourself !

The legendry Arshipel Gulet is premeditated to offer you the best of such experience. Not only the boat herself, but the prudently selected crew, – all experienced seamen that are familiar with the seas and winds of South Aegean by the way-, will introduce you a thrilling life slot during your cruise with Arshipel Gulet.

Let's cook together!

Please contact us for an experience of culinary arts on board. Let's cook beautiful Aegean dishes together with fresh ingredients from village bazaars and direct from the sea. Let's make pickles and jams.
Arshipel Family