Reincarnating the Legend

Arshipel Gulet has gone through a full-fledge refit program in 2020. The owners of the gulet, a bunch of grey hair skippers, have encountered the challenge of bringing the boat as close to its original lines as possible and more importantly to its original functional use; namely, a «wooden primitive commercial boat».

It was a real challenge, but as they say, ‘it was worth doing it‘; or in other words, the boat deserved to be reincarnated and it was worth reincarnating the legend.

The legend goes back to the construction of a very classical Bodrum gulet, designed and built by one of the foremen of reputable gulet build-master: Çolak Erol.

Hasan, the foreman built the gulet for his own use, but for some reason had to sell it, most probably reasons stemming from financial difficulties and the boat left Bodrum and moved to Datça.

Since then, she never got back to Bodrum, where she was born and had met the Aegean. She soon became the star of historical Datça Harbor though and was always celebrated as a masterpiece.

During her life with her previous owners, the boat served as a Blue Voyage vessel; served well; never created problems to her owner and pleased many guests.
Small or even some mid level alterations changed the original lines of the boat, but never distorted its seaworthiness, nor its strength.

One other thing that never was altered was the companionship of the gulet with the seas and her treaty with the winds.

After the successfully completed refit program, with the involvement of competent craftsmen and build-masters and as a result of their delicate and painstaking work, soaked with sweat, Arshipel Gulet met her friendly seas and was drenched with the salty waters of the Aegean, or as widely titled, ‘Arshipel Sea’, her namesake.

It was a joyful re-union following the 6 month refit on the docks of Bozburun. All were happy and blissful. The seas, the boat, the awaiting winds…

The owners as well !