Joyful Family Holidays on Board

Joyful, yet Enlightening Family Experience

Merriment for families of all sizes…

A holiday on board Arshipel Gulet with kids would be the best way of blending activity and leisure in an entirely unique sort of experience. (Alternative: For an ideal blend of seaborne fun, cruising and Aegean sunshine, a week on Arshipel Gulet would be the ideal pick for families.)

Children tremendously enjoy the practice of visiting new places each day. Planning the route with the youngsters about where to go and what to do is a real amusing experience that would also help them explore the nature around them.

In place of theme parks, artificial playgrounds and built pools, the natural bays, beaches and the boat itself keep the kids delighted and create unforgettable moments.
A stress-free approach to life and friendly natives makes the Aegean coasts an ideal place as a cruising destination for families. The coastline of south-western Turkey (ancient Carian and Lycian waters) in particular are packed with wonderful untapped bays for swimming, enjoying the sea toys and fishing and boast several ancient sites of various civilizations to explore; – all great to keep the children and their parents amused.

At the end of an adventure-packed day, mooring up at one of the fascinating townships or in a serene bay makes all ready for another exciting day.

Simply contact us to explore what else you could discover on Arshipel Gulet with kids for an memorable holiday.