Do It Your Way

Experience a Balanced Hedonizm

This summer, escape the boring city life and plunge yourself in an exciting fusion of open skies, restless days and nights, excellent food and splendid times. Welcome to Arshipel Gulet! Enjoy the floating playground with your friends…

Join the free- souled crowd in the natural ambiance of sea life.

Untroubled days meet spicy nights and lead you to absolute relaxation.

It’s all about a balanced Hedonism after all, isn’t it?

Select and listen to your own peaceful tunes or boozy beats, round the clock. Whether you want to idly doze on the sunbeds on the front deck or unchain your frenzy, don’t forget, there is room for everyone on board.

You do yours, whatever that may suggest to you…

This time don’t repeat the boring look & feel of a beach hotel. Come on board. We’ll get you in.

Feel the freedom vibe of the nature of the sea…

We promise, you’ll find all you need and probably nothing you don’t!